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The world’s most surprising shortage April 9, 2007

Posted by Al in : weird , trackback

It’s hard to believe, but cheap labour is getting scarcer by the day. I believe this because I work for a company which has outsourced some of it’s workforce to India. 2 years ago there were no problems with these outsourced centres handling their workload, although there may have been other issues. Today there are times when the outsourced centres cannot provide sufficient staff to cover the work they are expected to cover. I have heard rumours of staff poaching to an incredible scale – staff with good English being offered houses to swap jobs. Some of this poaching was even occurring within house, which seems ludicrous until you realise how much of a war is being fought between departments in large corporations.

I know, from first-hand experience, that China is very quickly becoming a wealthy country. 10 years ago you would probably only have to pay 10% of a western salary to get a Chinese worker with the equivalent qualifications. Today there is probably parity between wages for a lot of qualified and skilled workers, which would negate any benefit gained from outsourcing labour offshore. Unfortunately, many offshore outsource plans were probably put into place a few years ago, and so are caught out by this sudden change in fortunes in the less developed countries. How long will it be before we are hearing strong African accents when we make a phone call?


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