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The God debate – Harris vs Warren April 9, 2007

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I was looking forward to reading this debate, pitching a devout Atheist against a devout Christian pastor. However I found the piece slightly ineffectual, and I think I detected a slight leaning towards the Atheist  – which would match my leanings, however any bias is not good if you want an open, honest debate. Still, this is definitely worth a read, despite there being no resolution or conclusion, but I do appreciate the honesty of Warren at the very end:

We’re both betting. He’s betting his life that he’s right. I’m betting my life that Jesus was not a liar. When we die, if he’s right, I’ve lost nothing. If I’m right, he’s lost everything. I’m not willing to make that gamble.

The main reason for people to believe in religion is fear of death, pure and simple. I spend quite a bit of time thinking about death, which is probably not a good thing to do, however I am very much aware that I will die much sooner than I would ever want to. I can imagine the loss and shutting down of all faculties, and everything fading put to nothing, however I cannot picture anything after that end. I would rather hope that Buddhism or Hinduism are correct, but I think my time on Earth will be all the chance I get to make any kind of mark, and I don’t rate my chances too highly there either. Still – I would rather have been born and have experienced life than not to have been born at all.


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