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Art out of context flops badly April 9, 2007

Posted by Al in : interesting,music,people , trackback

Take a world class violinist, with one of the most expensive violins ever; place him in a subway station, busking to the morning rush hour crowd; let him play some of the best violin music ever written and stand back and guess what will happen. When the Washington Post began this experiment they were unsure if they would bring the subway station to a halt, causing disruption to the daily commute, or whether anyone would notice at all. It turned out that very few people, quite a few of whom would probably call themselves sophisticates, noticed anything other than a busker playing for rent money. After 45 minutes a man who regularly earns $1,000 an hour had collected £32.17. I’m not sure whether this means musicians are overpaid, or whether you really need context before you would be willing to spend money to listen to great music played well.


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