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Reasons why parents should have the option of abortion March 27, 2007

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

Anti-abortion? Read this article first,with an open mind preferably, before making any further comments. Just because you have never been in the situation of having a severely handicapped child in your womb doesn’t mean you can’t imagine what that wouldfeel like. Particularly if you read this excellently written article by Gretchen Voss. I had always thought there must be times when an abortion would have saved both parents and the the child an awful amount of suffering, and I was aware that having an abortion might also cause a lot of heart-searching and suffering for the parents both before and after the procedure. But I’m also certain that in cases such as Gretchen’s, and also Maureen Brittel’s, that the decision they made was the correct one and has lessened the suffering of all concerened in the long term.


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