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God is imaginary – with proof March 27, 2007

Posted by Al in : personal , trackback

Another worthwhile website that carries a very good argument:


Both processes were remarkable and both mark tectonic shifts in public thinking. How did they happen?

The answer is that those two processes had to start somewhere. There had to come a point where some group of people in the minority said, “this is wrong, and we need to fix it.” They began openly talking about the problem. Then other people in the minority agreed. Then, eventually, the minority began to influence those on the outer edges of the majority. Once that process started and gained sufficient momentum, the majority (e.g. smokers) became the minority. And now we all understand that smokers have a problem. Smokers were unfortunate to become dependent on a highly addictive drug as teenagers, at a time when their rational brains were not fully developed. As a society, we now do our best to discourage teens from getting hooked and to help those who are already addicted.

Here is a simple question: Can we have the same sort of effect on religions like Christianity? Can we change Christianity from a “majority” activity into a fringe activity, and in the process replace it with something much, much better?

The website also carries 50 experiments you can try to prove whether or not God really exists. Join in spreading the word of atheism and help stop the rot of religion.


1. Edward Baker - March 27, 2007

I can only hope so! Spreading the word that it is OK to challenge religious beliefs is certainly an important thing to do!