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A guide for gadget designers everywhere March 21, 2007

Posted by Al in : funny,gadget , trackback

This article amused me. Amused me so much that I tried to post a comment, but I couldn’t find where to register for Gizmodo so I gave up. Anyway the comment I was going to post is now below (it would have been about the 10th comment) and I stand by it.


Does it provide the user with a sense of humour?
If so could you ship some free to the previous commenters please?

Me? I want a gadget with all the SF options that also doubles as a mobile (cell) phone, and runs Linux, and has a VGA screen, and has one of those laser keyboard projectors built in, and has HSDPA, EDGE, WiFi and 3.5G, and yet still fits in my pocket.

I particularly want a gadget that shoots lasers that burn enough to be funny but not enough to cause irreparable damage!


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