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P2P file sharing is ruining pirates March 19, 2007

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It’s a hard life being a pirate: having to spend all your time operating CD and DVD burners to get enough copies of the latest software, music or films; keeping one eye out for the law; and having to get up early to get to the car boot sales. But things are changing and pirates are now suffering a massive drop in business, solely due to the rise of high speed broadband and P2P file sharing software. After all why would a punter shell out for a pirate copy when they can just download their own copy for free? The loss of these pirate counts as an unforeseen good point to P2P file sharing – honest, guv.


1. news4vip - October 16, 2007

Fanatics of the P2P super power gave birth to the devil.
It is the strongest P2P file sharing system Share NT.
And, Because UDP is used, even the band limiting that the internet service provider does is exceeded.

Share (P2P) – Wikipedia
Share NT – 2ch.ru