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Beatboxing whilst playing a flute March 15, 2007

Posted by Al in : clever,music,video , trackback

It has to be said this is a novel take on beatboxing, and is rather clever. Possibly too clever as beatboxing has something a little raw about it, whilst this is possibly too skillful and polished. And skillful it really is as the guy has to get all the fingering correct, get all his breathing spot on and keep the breathing going whilst doing the beatboxing. All very clever, but I still prefer someone like Roxorloops – sorry.


1. Arthur - March 15, 2007

I agree. I also believe ‘real’ beatboxers shouldn’t use any instruments other than themselves. But, like you said, it is skillful.

2. carly - September 26, 2007

this is the best player evr!!