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Misreading can make things more interesting March 13, 2007

Posted by Al in : weird , trackback

I was browsing the Internet and I came across a headline that made me sit up and take notice: “Pittsburgh man nailed kitten head to ex-girlfriend”. I just had to read this story as it sounded weird, compelling, slightly sick but at the same time I just had to know how he had done it. How had this guy nailed a kitten’s head to his ex-girlfriend? Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that he had only mailed the kitten’s head to his ex! I mean anyone can do that – cut off kitten’s head, stick in parcel and stick in the mail, it’s not hard. Whereas nailing the head to his ex would have been a challenge requiring exhaustive stalking, planning and preparation, and would therefore have been worthy of at least a small bit of credit. Nevermind – maybe I have just given jilted lovers everywhere a new idea on how to really get your message across.


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