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America and Iran will go to war February 12, 2007

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

Which is a shame as there have been several opportunities recently for the two countries to talk to each other, and maybe produce some means of working together in some form of trust. However a country that still chants “Death to America” in it’s Friday prayers is unlikely to alter it’s opinion any time soon, and the current leadership in America don’t do anything to help. With a third aircraft carrier, complete with it’s associated strike force, moving into the Gulf soon, America is pushing Iran as far as it can go. And this may turn out to be to America’s disadvantage as Iran has the best anti-ship missiles in the world, and would not be afraid to use them if necessary. The loss of one carrier would be a blow to the US, and would probably lead to an massively escalated attack on Iran. However if Iran could take out all 3 carriers, and this is entirely possible with their Sunburn missiles, then America would be at a sudden disadvantage, as they would lose their vaunted air superiority. Bush will be pushing for a war, because he is basically an idiot, and he may just get what he wants – the trouble is does America want to lose half a billion dollars worth of ships, hundreds of Navy servicemen, millions of dollars worth of planes, and then be sucked into another untenable war in the Middle East? The worrying thing is that large percentage of Americans still believe their President could not possibly be wrong about something as big as this.


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