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A different view on cool music videos February 2, 2007

Posted by Al in : music,video , trackback

I deal with Indians on a daily basis, and find them pleasant, educated, but sometimes strangely frustrating. I think part of this is solely down to the difference in cultures, and I’d quite like the chance to go across and visit them and see if I can get my head around their point of view. This video really shows up the differences between cultures, as I’m sure a large number of Indian viewers would find this Prabhu Deva video cool (or at least would have at it’s time of release), whereas the majority of viewers from a Western background would just find it amusing. I know that a lot of the dance moves would be adaptations of traditional dances, and I believe that Indian (or in this case Tamil) dance has a very ritual and stylised structure, where hand and body positions carry great meaning. However not understanding this I just enjoyed this video and really (genuinely) enjoyed the music. I actually have a reasonable collection of Indian music and I think I must dig it back out again. Anyway, watch and enjoy.


1. Al - February 2, 2007

Check out the video responses on YouTube to this video as well. They are also cool – in the way that George Michael doing a Michael Jackson dance video is cool.