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The greatest martial arts moments in film January 15, 2007

Posted by Al in : fighting,film,video , trackback

I’m happy! This list has Fist of Legend, which has some of the best fight scenes ever. There are actually a few Jet Li moments, which is correct as he is by far the best actual martial artist ever to star in a film, however there’s only one Tony Jaa moment, and I’m sure that this will increase as he makes more films. Whatever – sit back and enjoy these clips – then go and watch the films properly. And while you’re at it make sure you watch “Once Upon a Time in China” as I think it is one of the best martial arts films ever made.


1. niel - January 18, 2007

Great selection of clips. Not surprisingly most of these films feature in my top ten choice of martials arts films though not neccassarily my favourite scenes from each film. However there is a fair few that feature my favourite martial arts choreographer Yeun Woo Ping. If you haven’t heard of this guy look out for him as he’s on a surprising number of film credits and quite simply the best there is!!