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Head transplant or body transplant? January 15, 2007

Posted by Al in : bizarre,medical,science , trackback

Same thing – two different ways of looking at the process. What is certain is that the technology to carry out such a transplant may already be available, however the decision as to whether we should, or not, has yet to be made. After all someone donating their kidney, or an eye, is not quite the same as someone donating their entire body. Not only are there ethical questions, which will probably be answered by saying “if other body part donations are OK then why not an entire body”; but there is always the issue of someone hunting down the ideal body, and it’s owner may not yet want to donate it. s the divide between rich and poor grows ever wider, be prepared to discover that some very worrying things are going on.


1. niel - January 16, 2007

Great selection of clips. Not surprisingly most of these films feature in my top ten choice of martials arts films though not neccassarily my favourite scenes from each film. However there is a fair few that feature my favourite martial arts choreographer Yeun Woo Ping. If you haven’t heard of this guy look out for him as he’s on a surprising number of film credits and quite simply the best there is!!

2. Justyn - January 17, 2007

Wrong article there niel.
Anyway this article makes me feel decidedly uncomfortable.
The fact that in a couple of years it is probably going to be possible to do this sends shivers down my spine because you just know that somone somewhere will do it.

3. niel - January 18, 2007