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When meaning well may not be good enough January 13, 2007

Posted by Al in : people , trackback

Everyone knows that Bill and Melinda Gates are huge philanthropists and give more money to charity than anybody else. Warren Buffet has now decided to tie himself in with their charitable foundation and between the three of them they will be giving away more money each year than most nations could dream of earning. I’m certain that their intentions are good and true, and that they really feel they are doing good for the world – however their foundation may not be telling them everything they need to know.

The Gates Foundation doesn’t have any form of moral investment policy, doesn’t appear to vet the companies in which it invests, and in turn some of these companies may be causing more harm to the world than the charitable donations of the Foundation could ever hope to repair. Having read this article I have to wonder whether Mr & Mrs Gates have red it too, and if they have whether they intend to do anything about it. I know that when my mother was offered an investment plan recently, she was given an ethical option – this would lead to possibly lower returns, but would use certain monitoring lists to ensure that the companies invested in did no evil. I’m sure that the Foundation could use some of it’s money to produce this kind of monitoring service for other investment companies to use, and at the same time could ensure that it does no evil as well.


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