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Windows Home Server – finally January 9, 2007

Posted by Al in : computers,home , trackback

At last Microsoft have woken up to the fact that people want some way of storing their films, music and photos so that they can access them from anywwhere. So they have now come up with the Windows Home Server – which sounds like an excellent idea, and something that I would be interested in owning. Now I know a lot of Linux fans will be suddenly leaping up and shouting that you could do all this using Linux a long time ago – but they seem to forget that your average user could not do this using Linux a long time ago, or even today. Configuring SAMBA, ensuring that the network is configured correctly, making sure that you have the correct formats, having a working system after an upgrade to a seemingly insignificant library – all these challenges are omething that the average user doesn’t want. Instead they want something that they plug in, appears as a drive on their Windows machine, they can copy all their files to and that will keep their files safe. And this is just what Windows Home Server is promising – shame Linux developers never thought of it first.


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