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More scary roads December 29, 2006

Posted by Al in : scary,travel , trackback

I started looking at this post and thought there was nothing new – I’ve blogged the Russian road before, Highway Lena, and also the Bolivian “Road of Death“. So as I was about to dismiss this as old-hat I scrolled down and found the photos of the cliff path in China, and so thought I’d blog this. I rather fancy going to Xian, as you can get to see the Teracotta Army and the Great Wall, but I’d never heard of the temples of Mt Huashan before. And now I’ve seen the pictures I don’t think I would like to visit the temples either, please.


1. Kim - September 8, 2007

I can’t imagine traveling on a road such as the Bolivian ‘Road of Death’, it would have to be an urgent matter to make such a trip.

I found some great photos of scary roads at http://www.scaryroads.com, perhaps you and your readers might find the site as interested as what I did.

2. Kim - September 8, 2007

Sorry, the link messed up.