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Scrybe – revisited December 23, 2006

Posted by Al in : clever,Internet,utility , trackback

I blogged Scrybe a while ago, and just looking at the video they had of Scrybe’s features made me think that it would be good. Well I’ve just had my invite to sign up for a Beta account and I’ve been playing with Scrybe, and I have to say it looks to be very good. Although it is just a calendar and ost manager at the moment, what it does it does very well. The way the days zoom in the planner is great, the overall look and feel is good, and seems very responsive too. The list/task manager section is basic, but then managing lists is not really that complex. And the Scrybe team have managed to get another very nice feature in early – the printing formats. I printed off a sample calendar using their “Pocket” format and was really imrepssed with the design – and amazed no-one had thought to this earlier: the printout managed to fit 30 days onto one sheet of A4, which in itself is not hard. What is clever is that when you fold it 3 times, following the printed instructions, you get a handy pocket sized piece of paper with a monthly overview and space for notes on the outside, open this up once and you get the next 10 days, open it up again and you get the next 20 days. It’s incredibly simple, yet a stroke of genius at the same time.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with my last hour playing with Scrybe – it looks to do exactly what is should do as an online organiser. You can also use it offline, which was one of the seeling points when it first launched, and it has some extra design touches which lend it a cool factor. I’m intrigued now to se what is going to arrive in the “Upcoming Modules” section, because if they are as good as the basic offering then Scrybe could really be the ultimate online organiser.


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