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"V for Vendetta" – for real – follow up November 20, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics,weird , trackback

Well the people behind this idea made good with their promises and 100 “V”s marched on Washington on the 14th. They received no response from the government, which is no real surprise really. However the fact that 100 people took the time and effort to dress up and present a unified front says that this idea has some power at least. The organisers now want 1,000 people to attend a rally next year, and I hope they get enough volunteers. I think I will nag my friend, Phil, who lives just outside Seattle to make the effort, as I said previously if this was done in Britain I would. I’m certain that 1,000 “V”s would make for fantastic television and would get national press coverage, which should force some form of response from the government.


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