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The confusing future of elevators November 17, 2006

Posted by Al in : invention,people,weird , trackback

They started life as elevators, then became simply lifts, and now they are “destination elevators” (does this mean the original elevators had no destination?). And they are confusing people when they first use them because they have no buttons to press inside the car itself. Instead you enter your destination floor on an external keypad by a bank of elevators and then get directed to the correct elevator to use. The advantages come in grouping people for the same floors into the same cars. The disadvantages are that people either can’t work out how to use the elevators, or disobey the control system and then can’t get to their floor, or misuse the system causing it to go to the wrong floor, or to stop at the same floor multiple times. Still, once we’re all used to these little beauties we can shave a whole 30% off our elevator journey – whoopee!


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