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Rumsfeld – a war criminal? November 13, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

Hard to believe, I lnow, but there are plans afoot to bring Donald Rumsfeld to trial for war crimes. Donald Rumsfeld? I mean war criminals are people who pursue acts of agression above and beyond the necessary for the protection of their country; who command their troops to use excessive force; who have knowledge of excessive force, or abuse being used by those under their command but fail to act to stop it; who command the use of torture and abuse on prisoners; who authorise the execution of “opponents” without any form of fair trial of those “opponents”. I mean, Donald Rumsfeld? How could anyone… Oh wait a minute. Let’s review some of the charges that are being planned to be brought against him. You can read a good article here and another, slightly more vitriolic article here. You can decide then.


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