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New lobbying reforms for US government November 12, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

If ever there’s been a piece of legislation which could make you say “About time, too!” – then this is it. The Democratic House Leader, a Mrs Nancy Pelosi, has put forward a bill that aims to cut the influence of big business, or at least big bucks, on both Congress and the Senate. You can read more here and here. The proposed measures of the bill include:

Now to me these proposals seem perfectly correct, and should help reduce the influence of business upon politics. The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act should hopefully do exactly what it says it should do – the name’s good. What I can’t understand is how America let itself slip into such a terrible position in the first place. Still, let’s hope that now Bush’s people have been ousted there can be some form of honesty in government. Who knows, maybe he’ll be made accountable in the same way as well.


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