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Future By Design – the designs of Jacque Fresco November 10, 2006

Posted by Al in : cool,design,future,video , trackback

Now this is so cool I immediately visited the film’s website and tried to order the DVD. Unfortunately it is only available in NTSC at the moment – there is no PAL version. However I am signed up to receive updates on when it will be available. I just love these designs – they remind me of classic Science Fiction – the cover art of Amazing Tales, or the cicties the Lensmen flew through. The man himself appears to be an interesting person, with some very clear views on our future. I would like to meet him. Anyway, have a look and enjoy.


1. Arthur - November 10, 2006

This man is an unprecedented visionary blessed with an ability to envision a world which I imagine most of us would certainly happier in. Too many people like Jacque Fresco are denied the influence that they could potentially have on this troubled and confused planet.