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Republicans defeated – now try to reclaim your country November 9, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

In the aftermath of the recent US elections, which absolutely destroyed any credibility the Republican leadership may have had, people up and down the USA are probably celebrating their power and thinking that the nightmare of the last few years is finally over. However there are some people who have realised that it has really only just started, because although the American government is now firmly in the hands of the Democrats, the outgoings and commitments of the Republicans just keep on going and will take months and years to stop – if they ever get stopped that is.

It’s going to take billions of dollars, over many years, to repair the damage done to the American military. And that’s only once they are withdrawn from their present conflict zones, which will cause problems in those countries and around the world. The people who have been mortally upset at recent American politics and military actions won’t just go away because the Democrats are in power – the USA is now the most hated and feared country in the world and that is going to take a lot of being good and minding your own business to repair. The American economy is faltering badly and will require tax increases to staunch the wounds it has received – these will not be popular. And then, just to top it all off, the president (who is not known for caring about others’ feelings) can declare martial law, send in the military or the National Guard at will, detain anyone he wants to, when he wants to, and is currently building huge detention camps to detain anyone he wants to. I know I’ve mentions this before but the USA really has to remove the executive power it has placed in the hands of the president and his office. Is the president always going to be better than Congress and the Senate? I think recent events prove otherwise.

If Mr Bush had any form of conscience then he should be stepping down now that the will of the populace has been made abundantly clear. However conscience is not a word that is often associated with Mr Bush, and so we are likely to see him see his full term out – probably wielding his executive powers a bit more as the rest of the government disagree with him. All I can say is that America has taken the first steps in restoring it’s credibility in the world, and in restoring it’s own sense of well-being. However there is still a long way to go, and things are going to get harder rather than easier.


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