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More racism from the Far East November 7, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics,scary , trackback

I don’t just knock America, I’ll quite happily point out the failings of other countries, or people, around the world. And here’s a classic example of a state inculcating racism at an early age. Korea and Japan had a minor disagreement about some insignificant islands. Both claimed the territory, neither wanted to back down. Japan have finally agreed to relinquish their claim, but not fast enough for the Korean government, who have encouraged schools to teach small children that Japan is an evil aggressor, and these pictures from kindergarten children are what you get if you teach racism at an early age. This could lead to an interesting time in the future, as when these young Koreans grow up Japan is still likely to be a major force in the Oriental marketplace, and children taught to hate Japanese at a very early age will have to deal with them in a business environment as they come of age. Interesting times in around 10-15 years then.


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