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Your Wasabi may not be Wasabi November 6, 2006

Posted by Al in : food , trackback

Prepare yourself for a shock, but the Wasabi you get served in Sushi restaurants may not actually be Wasabi. Apparently genuine Wasabi is very expensive, and has to be imported, so the restaurants make a fake, or “Western”, Wasabi from horseradish, mustard and then add some green colouring. This would explain why most of the Wasabi I’ve ever tasted tasted like mustard, but since I’ve only been to a proper Sushi restaurant when in Hong Kong, and the fish was so fresh it was still moving whilst we were eating it’s fillets, makes me certain that I had genuine Wasabi at that time. Apart from this tale of commercial deceit, SushiFaq.com has some useful information and advice on all things Sushi.


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