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Kevin Federline’s album tags on Amazon November 4, 2006

Posted by Al in : funny,music , trackback

Mr Federline, who I believe is/was married to Britney Spears, has released a new album. Indeed if you visit his website you can hear some of the tracks from the new album, if you really want to. The bits I heard were not really that good, and the animation that walked to the front of the screen and then stood there chucking his mike every now and then, was pathetic. Which, strangely enough, is not one of the tags that have been applied to his album on Amazon. Many other uncomplimentary have been applied though, and they are worth a read to see how hated this man must be. Actually, I’m being a bit harsh there, as maybe he’s not hated personally, just his music. I could settle for this being the case as I have no idea whether he’s a good bloke or not, but I do know that his music is seriously crap.


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