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Scrabble’s highest score caused by poor play October 27, 2006

Posted by Al in : bizarre,games , trackback

There’s a touch of sour grapes to this article. 2 club players in Lexington, Massachusetts, managed to set 3 new Scrabble world records in 1 game. You would have thought that they would have been applauded, and lauded, by the entire Scrabble community, but instead they are being accused of incompetence and luck. I congratulate them for their remarkable achievement, even as I wonder why a 43 year old carpenter is playing competitive Scrabble. I hope that the Scrabble world will give them their due, as they both played as well as they could, and on doing so usurped some far more dedicated Scrabble players. Maybe if the “serious” players were to lighten up a little, and try going for those ultimate scores, then even higher scores again would be possible. Until then I hope these 2 enjoy their moment in the limelight.


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