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Microsoft opens up Sender ID to curb Spam October 25, 2006

Posted by Al in : computers,email,Internet , trackback

It’s good to see Microsoft gradually changing their attitude towards their licensing, and the way they have always enforced their licenses. I have read rumours that they may yet open-source their entire Operating Systems and concentrate on providing large scale products, but I think that other Open Source OS’s would need to get to around 40% popularity before they would really think of this. However every little bit helps and releasing the license on their Sender ID will certainly help in the battle against Spam, even if that battle is a losing one.

What I did find interesting about this article, though, was the idea that email may be on it’s way out as Instant Messaging and texting takes it’s place. I can’t see this happening in business situations at the moment, as email is so entrenched as a business tool that it will take a few years yet to replace it. But I was thinking that if you used something like Skype then identifying who was sending you a message would not be a problem. Because Skype has to be able to establish a secured end-to-end communication channel for voice calls if the same guaranteed connection was used for sending messages then no spammer would be able to send you anything. You could just close your connection to anyone not in your contact list, therefore you would always know who is sending you any message. As you can move your Skype login from PC to PC then there would be no problem sending emails from different PC’s, or whilst abroad for example. Currently I’m not a great messaging fan, and although I always have Skype running I speak to people very rarely using it – this might just change in the near future.


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