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Personal Soundtrack – music adapted to you October 17, 2006

Posted by Al in : design,gadget,invention,music , trackback

Or more precisely music adapted to your gait. This is a clever idea, which currently has no backing so I hope he’s patented the idea, otherwise who knows which large company may suddenly come up with something markedly similar. Anyway what is the idea? Simple – a very small PC (based on the Gumstix unit) which monitors your pace and chooses music to match your stride. If you speed up and run then the music will change to match you, if you end up strolling aimlessly then so will your music selection. You can also change tracks by just changing your gait deliberately, so you don’t even need to fumble with buttons. I think this is an excellent idea which deserves to make it into the market – I can see people striding purposefully through the streets marching to rock anthems, running to dance music, or strolling to ambient trance.


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