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Global warming – it’s already too late October 10, 2006

Posted by Al in : nature,scary , trackback

Well for a number of species of frogs, polar bears and for the rainforests in Australia anyway. And it looks as though the rest of the world will have to suffer mass extinctions and changes in habitat as well. Hindsight is a wonderful thing – it let’s you say “I told you so”. If we don’t come up with something as clean as nuclear fusion sometime very soon, then we can kiss the majority of the world as we know it goodbye. In some cases this may not be any great loss initially, but as habitats change and species are forced to compete with each other then things who knows what will happen over the next 20 years? I, personally, am more concerned about sea levels rising 5 feet, as my house is pretty close to sea level and the sea itself. Even more importantly would be the drastic effect of the Gulf Stream shutting down, which may happen if Arctic ice sheets melt – I don’t want to live in a sub-arctic climate, I like Britain as it is now.


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