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We know we may destroy the planet – but we’ll carry on anyway September 30, 2006

Posted by Al in : scary,science , trackback

I appreciate that scientists need to perform experiments. I appreciate that sometimes they don’t know exactly what the results of their experiments will be, otherwise there would be no need to carry out the experiments. But when it comes down to carrying out experiments that have a risk, however small that risk is, of estroying the entire plane, and possibly the solar systemt and those nearby, then maybe it might be worth rethinking these exoeriments.

The problem with science, and scientists, is that it is exceietd only by it’s discoveries and doesn’t try to think about what consequences it’s actions may have. This is how we ended up with the atomic bomb, and several lethal plagues and soon a black hole that may eat the entire of the planet.


1. Justyn - September 30, 2006

I find it amazing how childlike and gleeful this scientist sounds considering that they actually have no idea if this really has a possibitly of causing serious damage to the planet or not.
I’m all for for scientific progress but when you are openingly admitting that you have no clue what is going to happen when you create a black hole I can’t help feeling a little bit worried!

2. Arthur - October 1, 2006

I agree with the childlike part Justyn but I don’t think we should feel worried. Dr cox would probably benefit from spending an evening in a similar way to what I did last night.
Not only did I find a little black hole but the night peaked with a Big Bang. I just hope I didn’t create any matter.

3. Justyn - October 1, 2006

LOL! Yeah you want to be careful with those black holes I’ve accidentally created three lot’s of anti matter myself!