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Russian highway ‘Lena’ – not the best road September 24, 2006

Posted by Al in : bizarre,motoring,transport,travel , trackback

I sometimes think that Swansea has some of the worst roads in Britain, potholes can be present for weeks, there has been ongoing gas main repair work for the last 8 months, and some main roads have developed such ruts that they are going to need to be entirely remade and not just resurfaced when the work finally gets approved. But these are nothing to what poor Russians have to put up with on their main highways. This article has some good pictures of the main Federal highway between Moscow and Yakutsk – it’s basically mud, with some free boggy patches thrown in for variety. See this and realise how lucky you are.


1. Svile-N-Bone - January 22, 2008

them russian niggaz are fucked up fo’ sure
especially those livin’ in Yakutsk