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Overeating is not so bad after all September 23, 2006

Posted by Al in : food,science , trackback

Looks like the “Super Size Me” film may not have been as accurate as it may have been, or possibly the creator may have already been genetically predisposed to obesity, or possibly his strict vegetarian diet prior to the film may have lead to him reacting differently from most people. Anyway if you put healthy young men on the same kind of diet they don’t suffer any real problems, other than an expected wight rise, and their bodies seem to adapt to the diet. So once again science saves the day – go out and get yourself a Big Mac after all – it won’t hurt as much as you may have thought.


1. niel - September 24, 2006

overeating and fatty foods are just an appetite choice, and as long as you don’t mind putting on the pounds theres not that much wrong with it. i think what supersize me was trying to prove is that macdonalds isn’t food!!