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More identity theft warnings September 5, 2006

Posted by Al in : computers,Internet,PC,scary , trackback

I’ve been saying for a while that identity theft is THE big threat of the future, and here’s more confirmation. If your PC gets infected these days you may never know about it, at least until it’s too late. Gone are the days when viruses were written to show off one person’s ability, and the best way of doing that was to trash as many PC’s as possible. Nowadays a virus will sneak onto your PC and sit in the background doing nothing except monitor your activity, and whenever you log on to your bank, or PayPal, any site needing a UID & Pass then it will log you actions and send this data home, quietly. If you’re not using a router yet then get one. If you haven’t got any Anti-Virus, Firewall or Anti-Spyware programs then you are a fool (no matter what OS you are running). I am hoping that LifeLock will bring their operations to the UK soon.


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