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USA far more scary than the Middle East September 3, 2006

Posted by Al in : personal,politics,scary,video , trackback

I, for one, would far rather spend my time in the Middle East than in the Bible Belt. I believe that the majority of folk in the Middle East would be far more tolerant of my lack of any belief than the majority of folk in the good ole US of A would. And now I have watched this trailer then I’m even more scared – with this kind of people helping elect the government of the world’s most powerful nation (although that is starting to become doubtful) we’re heading for a World War. I think these folk should all visit the Landover Baptist Church and spend some time reading it’s articles. maybe they also should take time to consider why, when avarice and greed are a mortal sin, their pastor/minister.preacher has more money than 80% of his flock.


1. Niel Jenkins - September 8, 2006

I don’t scare easily (thanks to skateboarding) and this is truly terrifying! Watch it and be afraid, be very afraid!!