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Kablooeymail – self-destructing emails September 1, 2006

Posted by Al in : cool,email,Internet,utility , trackback

Now this might be a very useful idea, or alternatively may be completely useless, it is definitely an interesting development though. Kablooeymail.com allows you to send emails which are only viewable though it’s web based system, which allows you to set some very specific constraints on the email, and it’s contents. You can set a time limit for how long the email will be viewable, you can prevent copying of the content, and you will always get delivery and read receipts for every email. If you need to send secure emails, and you don’t want them being copied or forwarded to others, then Kablooeymail may be just what you need.


1. Rob - February 21, 2009

Where did it go to
KAblooey is missing
Where can I get a Kablooey type service


2. Jesse - May 7, 2011

The web site will be going back up, There will also be an add on the radio and a full page add in the paper with a picture of our so-called family. I have joined multiple groups in northern Va and we meet monthly. I will campaign and protest this until the end. Your offer is unreasonable and it is despicable that you waisted all this time to offer me a half hour and five months before he can stay with me. The website was not ment to belittle you in any way. The full page add will be paid for by our group to bring attention to the issue of parental alienation and you will be the poster child.