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KillerNIC – an Ethernet card costing $279.99! August 27, 2006

Posted by Al in : games,networking,PC , trackback

Considering you can buy an Ethernet card (NIC) for around £3 these days (that’s around $5) then I’m not sure quite how these people can justify charging $279.99 for a NIC. Even though it bypasses the Windows network stack, which is a Good Thing without a doubt, and even though it has 64MB of onboard DDR RAM, I still cannot see how they can charge this kind of price for what is a very simple product. I shall wait and see how this gets reviewed over the next couple of months.


1. Al - December 11, 2006

OK. This NIC has finally been tested and it appears to work. Whether it’s worth the money is up to you, but the fact it actually runs Linux with ipTables is rather cool. More here.