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A survival kit in a mint tin August 26, 2006

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When I was a teenager (far too long ago now) I was really into outdoor survival type things. I was lucky enough to be brought up in one of the most beautiful parts of the world (the Gower peninsula) and spent a lot of my summers between 12 and 16 years old in the wilds of Bishopston valley and it’s environs. I used to carry a lot of stuff like this all the time (I’d always have lighters, matches, string, fishing line etc) and a survival kit like this would have been very useful for those nights when I went out in the day and didn’t come home for a few nights.

I’ll always remember a friend of mine, Robert Jenkins, was a true outdoor type and one day he went out with his lurcher and ferrets after some rabbits. He had one or two with his lurcher and torch but then decided it was ferret time. He let his favourite ferret out and down a warren, after netting and snaring what holes he could see, and then settled down with his lurcher to wait. After about an hour he realised that his ferret had done the dirty and had killed a rabbit underground and was probably now just settling down to a nap after eating it’s fill. Rob was not the kind to be put off by this, and the ferret was his favourite, so he decided to settle in himself. Using just what he had on his person Rob skinned and gutted the rabbits he had already caught, and then got them cooking over a fire he knocked up. Then Rob went for a wander and raided a few farmer’s fields for potatoes and carrots. He then made a soup to go with the rabbit and he, and his lurcher (Brock was it’s name) ate well then settled down to wait for the ferret. In the early hours of the morning the ferret came back up to the surface and Rob, Brock and ferret all lived happily ever after.


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