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Race through Paris – with Google maps August 19, 2006

Posted by Al in : motoring,video,website , trackback

This is so worth watching, or rather listening to. In 1978 a French film-maker mounted a camera on a Ferrari 275GTB and then got a professional F1 driver to race it through Paris at stupid speeds, often ignoring traffic lights and even which side of the road he should drive on. The result is a video you couldn’t make today, as I doubt whether Parisian streets are this quiet even in the early hours of the morning any more, and what’s more important is an incredible soundtrack – just listen to those perfectly blipped downchanges.


1. PolandJoe - September 6, 2007

It was actually a mercedes, owned by the filmmaker himself, and the soundtrack was recorded with a Ferrari. He did that to make it seem faster/more badass and because it would be tough to get that good of sound with 70s equipment on a shoot like that. Still awesome though.

2. bob - February 21, 2009

Yes it was a Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3. You can watch him redrive the route in a documentary shot not long ago. Just go to YouTube and search for “c’était un rendez-vous making off ” — Yes, “making off” and not “of”, they messed up. Claude Lelouche was the driver/director