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New York in Lego August 18, 2006

Posted by Al in : clever,photography , trackback

If this wasn’t a commercial venture then it would surely qualify as someone with too much time on theri hands. As it is I’m still not sure if the best way to spend your time is making models this detailed – there’s a certain level of anal retention beyond which it is rude to step. The level of detail in these photos is amazing, and cleverly photographed at street level as well, which makes it hard to tell the scale. If you have a look at these

then what gets me is how do they get the trees to look the right size?

Model scale The actual scale of the models can be seen in this photo from the MiniLand website. Which looks like quite a cool place to visit if you’re ever in California, and you have kids with you. Even without kids it may be worth a vsit, just to find out what those trees are and how they get them to the right scale.


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