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Owner Free Filing System – a law suit waiting to happen? August 15, 2006

Posted by Al in : computers,interesting,Internet,PC,utility , trackback

It’s amazing what you can do with Mathematics these days, however it’s also amazing how well lawyers and barristers can spend a lot of time arguing legalities, and I think the legailty of this system may just test whether the current legal system has any kind of concept of how the digital world is evolving. From a purely theoretical standpoint you cannot argue with the logic behind why the Owner Free Filing System is not breaking any copyright laws, as it’s data is not directly attributable to any data it has been derived from; however the fact that it’s data can be recombined in such a way as to create a copy of a copyrighted piece of work is where the issue will lie.

It is entirely possible that the OFFS service itself will be perfectly legal, however anyone who uses it to create such a copy would be culpable. Proving such usage may be the problem for any copyright enforcement agencies though as they would need direct access to the culprit’s computer (or indeed any other device they may use) in order to prove that the meaningless pieces of data they had accessed had been combined into a meaningful form which then broke copyright laws. There could be Interesting Times ahead.


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