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An introduction to Pink Floyd August 15, 2006

Posted by Al in : music,personal,website , trackback

Definitely, 100%, no arguments allowed – Pink Floyd are the biggest and best band ever, in the world, ever, ever, ever.

You might guess from the above statement that I like Pink Floyd, and so should you. They were incredibly creative, played some wonderful rock music, changed the way music was produced and thought of during the Seventies – oh yes and had an album that if it’s not currently the best selling album of all time will be again soon. (Did you know that Dark Side of the Moon has spent over 1,500 weeks in the album charts?)

If you’ve never really listened to Pink Floyd before now, or you’d like to listen to them but your stereo, MP3 player or you’ve lost all their music of your PC, then head on down to their website and you can listen and learn about their best songs all in a lovely Flash environment. If you fancy hearing some clever and absorbing music then listen to Echoes, if you want something simple but poignant then try Wish You Were Here, and if you want one of their best then try Time. In fact try them all and learn to love the Floyd.


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