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Crazy Bike Messengers August 13, 2006

Posted by Al in : video , trackback

I rather like this video. I just like the music, and there’s a kind of zen feeling I get from watching it. There’s all this speeding movement yet the camera is surprisingly steady and this give a feeling of no effort at all. I also like the guy grabbing a tow from a car half way through, it reminded me of a SF book I’ve read with a girl who delivers on a cool skateboard and she hitches a tow on cars as well. I can’t remember which book this is in, if you can then please remind me in a comment, I know it’s cyberpunk and the girl’s mother has a crappy job working for the government. I have a feeling it’s Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, but I’m just as sure I’m wrong. Anway back to the video and I think it’s great but I’m a bit concerned about the man wearing a dress at the very end.

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