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Why we can’t have a space elevator August 8, 2006

Posted by Al in : science,space , trackback

Arthur C. Clarke created the space elevator many years ago in Fountains Of Paradise, and in recent years it seemed as though this could be another SF idea that might just come true (you can see more here). However it has been determined that carbon nanotubes, which would have been the cables for such an elevator, just aren’t strong enough. When you have to work to tolerances of 1 atom then production just is not viable. I’m still not sure why they can’t weave such tubes, which would therefore increase their strength, but I’m not a nano-scientist so I’ll bow to their superior knowledge. Even though it blows another great idea out of the sky.

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1. Al - August 8, 2006

A gentleman named Brian Dunbar commented on this item on my previous site, however the post and the comment failed to import correctly into this new site so I’ve quoted him below.

It’s not as bad as all that. Tom Nugent wrote a rebuttal to the paper highlighted in the Nature article on our Forum, summary on our blog, here http://www.liftport.com/progress/wp/?p=839

2. Brian - August 9, 2006

That is mighty nice of you to import the comment – thanks!

BTW my personel blog is at space4commerce.blogspot.com – come by and take a look.