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MaxiVista – a software KVM July 28, 2006

Posted by Al in : networking,software,utility , trackback

Hmmm! Cleverer and cleverer! I’ve just started using my old KVM to run my main PC (XP) and a secondary Linux PC. I am attempting to start programming again and Linux is defintiely a little better for that kind of thing, especially as I’m a C++ mand an like KDE – the QT toolkit is great. Anyway back to the reason for this post – MaxiVista is a greta idea, and if it works then something everyone should have just in case they ever need it.MaxiVista will take two, or more, networked PCs and allow you to share one desktop over each of their screens. This would be especially useful if you have a laptop as instead of having to connect your monitor to the laptop you can just connect youe Ethernet cable and away you go. This is definitely something I will be trying.

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