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Israel – Palestine > in plain English July 27, 2006

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I rather like this piece as it really does boil it down to the bare bones. The only thing that the author misses out on, being American and not European, is the feeling of guilt that Europe had for what the Nazis did to the Jews during the Second World War. Without that guilt there would probably never have been an Israel and we would probably have been looking down on those few Jews who were committing acts of terrorism to secure an Israeli state. Unfortunately the guilt was there and Israel was created, making thousands of Palestinians homeless in the process, and since then the course was set for an armed conflict between the West and the Middle East.

I am considering moving to China, Hong Kong to be exact, to get away from what could turn out to be a very violent conflict which is not going to be fought in any conventional sense. Expect general violence and racism to grow over the next 5 years and expect some really nasty biological or chemical attacks to be perpetrated. I live in a small city but Britain itself is quite small – living in a neutral country may be the only way to survive shortly.

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