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4 good magic videos July 19, 2006

Posted by Al in : magic,video , trackback
The fist guy is rather good with a cigarette, some of his moves you know where the cigarette is, you just can’t see how he’s done it. But how he makes it disappear at the end I’m not so sure a both hands are completely in view. He’d never be stuck for an ashtray wherever he went.Watch him here.

The second guy is also rather good, but likes to remain a man of mystery as we never get to see his face. Now I’m going to guess that the first bit with the pencil through the money involves a pencil in two halves with some very strong magnets, however how he does some of the later tricks with the cards is quite impressive.

Watch him here.

If there are no camera tricks in this video then I really can’t see how this trick is done, it’s very clever indeed.

Watch it here.

And finally how the bloody hell does he do this?

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