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Serious political issue – Israel July 13, 2006

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I don’t think I could ever be accused of being racist – my girlfriend is Chinese and I have friends who are Afro-Caribbean, Bangladeshi and Pakistani. I work with Indian colleagues on a day-to-day basis and I get on well with them. I also have no problem with anyone’s religion – whether they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or any other religion I will give them respect as long as they respect my atheism and do not try to stuff their ideology down my throat.

But I do not have time for people who will not offer any respect to people of other religions. I really have no time at all for people who persecute others for their beliefs, and I hate (and I use that word after careful consideration) people who are so convinced they are righ that they feel they can abuse others. The Nazis did it in the 30’s and the 40’s and now the Jews (once the recipients) are now doing the same themselves. Although they do not have death camps they still feel it is OK to strafe and bomb innocent civilians because they are only Palestinians – people living in their own land which was taken from them by the victors at the end of WWII.

I’ve never used my blog to rant before, becuase I’m not really a ranter – I’m very easy-going – hoever these pictures tell a story of a people who no longer have any real thought for anyone but themselves, and they are on the slippery slope into complete inhumanity along with all the others who belive they have a right to kill those who don’t agree with them.

If the US, and the rst of the worls, are to have any credence in the world, and in particular the Middle East, then they need to act now against Israel’s bombardment of Palestine and need to censure Israel in the same way that Iraq has been censured. Failure to do so would be complete hypocrisy and will lead to a further alienation from any Muslim states – including those who currently support the West. That’s it now – political broadcast has now ceased.

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