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Flock test May 16, 2006

Posted by Al in : Internet,software , trackback
This posting is create entirely within Flock – a new browser that could just revolutionise browsing and steal Firefox’s thunder. This would be ironic as I believe Flock is based on Firefox.

Anyway Flock allows you to post to blogs, post to Flickr, and use all your online bookmarks whilst storing any new bookmarks online as well. Pretty much of the usual really, but this is all built into the browser without having to add Links and Buttons to Firefox. I also like the Shelf function of Flock, which allows you to mark sections of sites you come across which may be useful in future – and if you need to you can blog them straight from the Shelf. All, in all this looks to be good – and for a late Alpha, almost Beta product it works pretty well.


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