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Free Online FPS WarRock December 9, 2005

Posted by Al in : games , trackback

I’m not a fan of FPS on a PC (although I’m rather fond of TimeSplitters on a PS2). There’s something annoying about the control method – it just doesn’t suit me. And so I’ve missed out on Half Life, Counter Strike and all the other huge FPS games. So I thought I’d just give WarRock a quick go as it’s completely free and looks to be rather good quality.

NB – the pages do not format correctly in Firefox, only in Internet Explorer. Has to be a first for everything I suppose.

*** UPDATE ***
Although I don’t like FPS I have just enjoyed playing3 hours of this. Maybe because everyone is new to it that I haven’t been completely slaughtered helped, however it was an enjoyable, online experience and I’ll be doing it again.


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